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Meat Industry Labour Agreement Template

14 To assist your stakeholders in the expertise of your proposed employment contract, you can also include details on the qualifications and the many years of experience that workers expect from workers, how the number of Australians currently employed in the occupations requested under the proposed employment contract, if concessions are requested, are implemented , your proposed strategies to ensure worker welfare a basic labour profile showing the proportion of your workforce in Australia would be foreign workers if an employment contract were approved, as you suggest, to meet the training requirement. These requirements may vary, the department advises and updates materials when this happens. See Business Case proforma (point 11). They must offer each interested party two options to respond to the proposed labour agreement. Stakeholders should be informed at every opportunity that their views would not veto the progress of an employment contract and, in the absence of a response, the process of negotiating labour agreements will continue. Stakeholder responses should be returned to the employer within 21 days of receiving the request for advice on the proposed employment contract. In the absence of a response, the employer will have to follow and allow an additional 14 days to respond by the stakeholder. All appropriate measures must be taken to provide stakeholders with additional information that they consider necessary to provide informed advice on your proposed employment contract. They should also take all appropriate measures to address stakeholder questions or concerns. It is unlikely that the department will begin negotiations if all of these issues are not dealt with satisfactorily. Copies of all written requests for employer advice regarding the proposed employment contract and the response (s) are addressed to the service. If the stakeholder or stakeholders do not receive a response, the employer must provide a copy of the follow-up request. If the department is not satisfied with the importance of the commitment, your manager can contact one of the parties participating in the consultation to request additional action.

The employer may provide the interested party with a copy of the work agreement document. The department recommends that the interested party keep the information contained in the bid confidential and not share with third parties without the employer`s consent. Contact us For questions about the MILA process or its requirements, please contact the meat industry employment contract team. 14 Foreign workers may only be granted a permanent visa if they have a sub-category 457 visa as the primary visa holder for a minimum of three years and six months in the “skilled meat worker” occupation: for the purposes of the meat industry employment contract, the TSMIT is based on a 38-hour week without penalties or overtime.