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Metal Lease Agreement

On the other hand, there are financial, commercial and metallurgical refining companies that own gold, silver or platinum group metals or have metal in the account they have to put to work. The metal they have on invoice is considered a debt to their customers instead of being physically assigned to the customer. This allows them to turn their responsibility into assets by using them wisely and renting gold to make money for them. There is also a manufacturer that uses precious metals as part of a catalyst. They already have what they need. But because the process of recovering the metal from the catalyst is tedious, and because they need a catalyst right away when they remove the old one, they need to contract it for that period. Because payments are made in precious metals, complex assessments are not required. If your price is z.B 2%, then we will credit you with an additional 2 ounces per year for every 100 ounces of silver you rent us. This will then be aggravated, so that the following year you would get 2% of 102 ounces etc. What does a swap have to do with leasing? If you ask, I still have your interest! This is because site exchange transactions are an important part of the ability of establishments to lease or lend their metal to another party, as it increases the size of the available market. I won`t go into details, but it was a very difficult time for me and, especially my family, because I was literally consumed with the riddle of how enough physical money was put on the market to satisfy an obvious persistent flaw. I tried to get it out of my head and continue with life in another way, but it couldn`t — it was an enigma and an intellectual challenge that there was no escape.

All this time, I was reading and thinking about everything I had to do with money. Therefore, I knew it wasn`t just vanilla selling investors who satisfied the persistent physical deficit of money, but I couldn`t put my finger on what was the real source of metal.