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Multi Enterprise Agreement Support Staff

The Union has met with the Association of Independent Schools (AIS) to discuss our ambitions and we have scheduled further meetings. The EU is aiming for a three-year contract which is due to start on 1 January 2021. No agreement yet in independent schools The Union is currently negotiating with the Association of Independent Schools (AIS) new agreements that will apply to some 200 independent schools of NSW and the ACT to replace contracts expiring in October this year. The Federation of Independent Schools has informed the union that it does not intend to meet with the union again by November, and it is not certain that new enterprise agreements will be negotiated. The AIS also states that wage increases in 2021, if any, would be set on a discretionary basis outside the bargaining process. AIS launches negotiations The Association of Independent Schools has indicated to the Union that it is ready to negotiate a new enterprise agreement for NSW teachers and support and operations staff. Position for the negotiating letter Letter to representatives and members of EU Secretary General John Quessy NewsExtra August: EU recommends a `no` vote to the AIS After months of negotiations, the IEU has been unable to agree with the Association of Independent Schools (AIS) on the terms of the new multi-company agreements (MEA) applicable in NSW and NSW independent schools. ← importance of a quick and effective solution to conflicts and differences of opinion, a special leave of one day per year will now be available to fulfill a planned family commitment if the time is beyond the teacher`s control. New, more flexible rules apply to disease detection – there is no evidence for the first three days of personal/sick leave in a calendar year. If absent after the first three days, a teacher may not be required to provide a medical certificate for the absence of two consecutive days or more in case of physical injury or illness; However, in the event of absence due to personal emergency or domestic violence, the teacher must provide evidence for each day of absence. SENIOR TEACHER 1 Modern AwardsIn 2010, the Modern Awards replaced the old awards with lean and withdrawn conditions. Modern prices are not as comprehensive as the old awards, and although some conditions have been maintained, some have inevitably been lost.

If your school does not have a collective agreement for you, your terms and conditions are set by the corresponding Modern Prize. These are well below industrial standards and are only an absolute minimum, designed only as a “safety net” to prevent exploitation. For more information, visit the left page. AISNSW advises and supports member schools on a wide range of labour and employment relations issues. In the menu below, you`ll find important information on the many facets of good employment practices, including resource tools and other materials that help schools fulfill their obligations as employers. Second round of negotiations with the AIS The Union met twice with the Association of Independent Schools (AIS) to discuss our wage requirements and conditions for staff in independent schools, for the first time on 19 May and then on 4 June. Following, the IEU`s request for the inclusion of new multi-company agreements in 2021 applies. There is a particular stream of negotiations for contracts with several companies to allow low-paid workers who have not participated in collective bargaining at the enterprise level to reach an agreement on several companies.