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Tuition Fee Agreement

Once a student is registered and has guaranteed a place and the student is either removed by parents or legal guardians or dismissed by the school, the registration fee is waived before the start of the school year. On the other hand, when a student is asked to leave school after the start of the school year or to withdraw from school, parents or legal guardians are responsible for proportional annual education until the end of the month in which the student leaves school, leaves or dismisses, including other expenses, if it exists. The declaration of resignation must be made in writing and received by the Ministry of Education. I have (we) read and accepted the above terms, including the obligation to pay Maris Stella school all teaching and expenses and, in any case, to be responsible for the financial obligations of my child. I understand that I was enrolling in education courses at the university. I recognize here and agree that I am fully responsible for the costs and expenses of all tuition, fees and other educational expenses associated with obtaining educational services at university. I am responsible for the review of the current tuition fees at CUBill-Pay, accessible through the student portal. Tuition and tuition fees can change at any time. I understand the university and/or collection agency to act on behalf of the university, can contact me in relation to the remaining balance. I authorize and give my consent to the University of Colorado Boulder and the Dieinkasso offices, which act on behalf of the University of Colorado Boulder, by email and/or via all phone numbers, which are connected to my account, including my cell phone or other wireless devices, with automated phone calls, text messages and artificial or pre-recorded voice messages to discuss my study account, loans and other outstanding institutional services, now and in the future, provided they comply with the requirements of the Colorado Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, C.R.S. 12-14-101 and seq. I understand that I may revoke my consent to call my mobile phone number by writing my request to the address above or in writing to the appropriate contractor or agent who contacts me on behalf of the university.

The parties accept and recognize that Colorado law applies to this agreement and that all disputes between them as a result of this agreement are decided in a court in Boulder County or Denver County, Colorado, and they submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the federal and regional courts of the State of Colorado with respect to any legal action or proceedings brought by a party. I recognize the full financial responsibility to pay the fees and fees for all tuition and educational services, fees and expenses related to obtaining educational services at university, even though the terms of the course (online, remote, hybrid, personal) are on the agenda for changes or circumstances resulting in changes, layoffs or suspensions of certain services.