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Which Activity Represents A Violation Of The Licensing Agreement

Except as noted above, the licensed software is granted to the licensee “as intended” and the exclusive repair of the taker and the full liability of the Qt company for the errors of the licensed software are limited, to the choice of the company Qt, to correct the error, to replace the software licensed or to return the fees paid for the software under defective license for the period in which the license cannot use the licensed software under the terms of the licensing software. agreement. 4.4 Use by service providers. When the licensee licensees license the software for use as a service provider, it can only use the Software as a tool associated with services that it makes available to its customers. The licensee may not allow any customer to access the software unless the customer has confirmed an electronic version or signed a written version of the CLU before accessing it and paying the fee. “license certificate,” a certificate generated by The Qt Company for each individual user or when downloading the licensed software, which is available under the designated user`s Qt account in License certificates indicate the designated user, development platforms, distribution platforms and the duration of the license. These conditions are considered to be part of the licenses granted under this license and are updated from time to time to reflect all agreed changes to the above terms regarding the designated user`s rights to the licensed software. products purchased by the licensee under this agreement, as well as related online or electronic documentation, associated materials and printed materials, including source code (if applicable), program examples and documentation authorized by the licensee under this agreement. Licensed software does not include third-party software (as defined in Section 4) or open source Qt. As part of its development activities, Qt may, as part of its development activities, be free and absolute to send or publish notifications to the licensee or, in general, to make changes, additions or deletions to the components and features of the licensed software, provided that no such changes, complements or deletion affect the already published version of the licensed software. , but only future versions). Many types of licensing agreements also include intellectual property laws, such as copyright infringement, trademarks, brand names and patents.

Offences are governed by criminal law, not just private civil proceedings. You can remove cookies from your computer at any time. Instructions for removing cookies from your computer or mobile device depend on the operating system and web browser used. However, please note that revoking your consent to use cookies on our websites means that some features are not usable or are more difficult to use. Licensing agreements are an essential part of many businesses. Applying a licensing agreement can sometimes be complicated. You can hire a qualified business lawyer near you if you need help enforcing your agreement in court. A lawyer can also assist you in the development and trial so that you can be prepared in the event of a dispute.