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Whsmith Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement

Now our owner wants to sell the apartment, and we have two months notice – but it`s only a month after signing the new contract. If he is over 18, he should sign his own lease. What I would do is ask his parents to be guarantors. Get a good down payment (you can ask for up to two months) and protect it, of course, with one of the rental deposit protection systems. If parents are guarantors, make sure they can afford to pay, you should find that your tenant is leaving arrears or damages. You should own and work full time. To be honest, I would generally be careful about a tenant with bad credit references, but you say you want to rent it out, so he probably impressed that he will be a good tenant. The other four want to continue, but are not willing to pay their share. I had his parents sign a warranty agreement.

Please indicate whether the lease and the surety agreement are enforceable, even if the tenant did not arrive before the official lease began. With my partner, I signed a six-month rental contract to rent an apartment. Since then we have had a lot of problems with the owner and the property, the last time the apartment is infected with mice. Even if I am obliged to pay for the entire six months, I can keep the keys without paying for the Council or other services, since there is a clause in the agreement that the property should not be left empty for more than 28 days? Or should I insist on talking to the owner, because I think he can accept my offer? If your tenant wants more security, you can set up a six-month, one-year or even two-year lease. However, remember that even the best tenant could offer his time and could eventually disappear. I would stick to the legal rule of the period without a new agreement or, if the tenant insists on a new agreement, issue again for one year. I recently signed a six-month lease. This is for a furnished room in a common house with a rental agency in Southampton. Legally, you cannot recover the property until the end of a six-month period. The only lease to which exposure would be recommended would be a guaranteed short-term rent; You can exhibit it for any period, three or four months, but it makes no sense, because you can only get the property back if the lease is more than six months. The current situation is fine, but if you want to evacuate the house because you want to get the house back, you would need a floor because you could not use a section 21, because the tenants are not in the rental agreement now – you have to have a lease with the names of your tenants to use an accelerated property procedure to distribute.

I am currently renting premises. The lease was granted for a fixed term of six years, which expired on July 1, 2006. I am very interested in renewing my lease, but my landlord feels that he can get a higher rent if he makes improvements on the property. His plans are at an early stage and he does not want to start the necessary work for an additional year. Please, could you help me with my legal situation and all the steps of the process that I could take. I have heard it so many times — you let a friend think that a lease is not necessary. Unfortunately, in 1992, if you didn`t have a written lease, you did give your tenant a secure rental agreement that offers much more security than a guaranteed short-term rent.