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Ansible Tower End User License Agreement

Insert your valid license that you received directly from Ansible into the LETTER BOX using the following example: To successfully add your license, you must be registered as a super-user. Otherwise, the process fails. Use only the procedure described here to apply a license via the API. Don`t place the license in a file and manually place it in the license directory of your Ansible Tower installation. The possibility is obsolete in version 3.1.0. Once your license has been accepted, Tower allows you to navigate to the dashboard`s main-to-home interface (which you can access by clicking on the Ansible Tower logo at the top left of the screen). Tower needs a valid license to be executed. If you have not received a license from Ansible directly or via email or if you have problems with the license you received, contact for free and paid license options (including free trial licenses) or contact Ansible via the Red Hat customer portal at For a later reference, you can view this license from the License tab on the Settings screen, accessible via the Settings () icon in the left navigation bar. If your country is not mentioned below, please use the EMEA agreement. If you`ve entered your login information (username/password), Tower will get your configured subscription service back. You will then be asked to select the subscription you want to run (the following example shows multiple subscriptions) and generate a registered certificate in the database. You can sign up over time and get new subscriptions if you`ve extended it.

After acceptance, you can continue with your license with the Main Ansible interface. For a later referral, you can view this license using the “Show the License” link in the installation menu. For further information, you can view this license by clicking on the “VIEW YOUR LICENSE” link on the menu. Once your subscription is accepted, Tower briefly displays the license screen and leads you to the Ansible Tower interface dashboard. For a later reference, you can return to the license screen by clicking on the Settings () icon in the left navigation bar and selecting the License tab in the Settings screen.