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Eucar Model Consortium Agreement

09:30 Roles and procedures in the Community Grant Agreement: coordinator, consortium and beneficiaries: reports, suspension and closure of the project; The Commission does not approve changes to the consortium agreements – these are model agreements developed as models by different organisations and which can serve as checklists, starting points or framework for the development of a consortium agreement that meets the specific criteria, needs and requirements of the partners and projects concerned. These are not unitary agreements. As in THE 7th PC, several institutions and groups have developed model consortium agreements for Horizon 2020, with sometimes different approaches. Most of these agreements are modular, allowing different options to be chosen for the specific needs of a project. The most common models are: a good consortium agreement can support effective project management and minimize intellectual property risks. But what is a good consortium agreement? Should the power to transfer budgets between partners be the responsibility of the coordinator or a committee of all partners? Should affiliates have free access to the IP generated by the project? What is the priority: academic publication or trade secrecy? Should community payments be distributed immediately or solely on the basis of evidence of the work done? 15:15 IP in the consortium contract: access to the background you need; Sharing results or access restrictions Paying royalties or not; Open source software or object code only MCARD is the consortium agreement of digitalEUROPE models, whose members are IT, telecommunications and consumer electronics companies, as well as national associations from all parts of Europe. 13:30 Intellectual property (IP) in the Community grant agreement: ownership, protection, context included and excluded, access to results, transfer of intellectual property and access for associated companies This workshop will outline the main features and options for consortium agreements for Horizon 2020 (H2020) cooperation projects. It will compare the consortium agreements of the DESCA, DesCoV and EUCAR models and cover the main conditions of the EU grant agreement, which provides context. The workshop is aimed at those who negotiate consortium agreements: research managers, consultants and contractors. It will be limited to 24 participants to allow for a high level of interaction and plenty of time to ask questions. Note: People who need information on the financial aspects of H2020 should participate in our “Finance in Horizon 2020” workshop. The European Automotive Research and Development Council (EUCAR), as the European research and development body in the automotive and road transport sector, has just published a new agreement on a consortium of models.