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Agreement Or Approval

If the partner institution has a draft contract, the candidate of the College/Campus Global Programs makes this project available. Global Programs will verify the project, coordinate Penn State`s internal authorization, and provide an approved version to the university/campus applicant. (NOTE: It is highly recommended to use penn State Drafts to ensure faster processing.) In order of preference, the language of an agreement should be as follows: Global Programs will review the contract application and, if necessary, consult with other Penn State units. Global Programs sends a draft contract to the university/campus. Below is an example of a contract approval process. Your process is probably different, which is why Integrify allows you to tailor the workflow to your business requirements. Use our drag & drop process builder to add tasks, generous, logical steps, integration, and everything else you need to make your process compliant and efficient. Before you set up agreement approval, view the agreement approval data. Number of Originals: At least two (2) fully signed originals are required for each agreement, one for Penn State and one for the cooperating institution.

Penn State will generally request one (1) original to be submitted to Global Programs. Global Programs has a database of all the university`s international cooperation agreements. Colleges and campuses will receive a scanned copy of the fully signed agreement with the Office of the Vice President for Commonwealth Campuses. You must define a list of inboxes for the agreement to be forwarded to the appropriate inbox for approval or rejection. Signatory: In accordance with Penn State policy, the dean of the college proposing international cooperation or the chancellor of the campus must sign the agreement. Colleges may want to welcome the department head as a co-signer for the university, but if that is not what the university wants, only the dean of the university will sign on behalf of the university. In addition, the vice-promoted of global programs must sign any international cooperation agreement as well as the deputy treasurer that legally binds the university. See university policy FN-11 CONTRACTS AND LEASES. In addition, the Dean of the Postgraduate School and the Vice President of Research will sign MOAs that will set up joint research centers and collaborative postgraduate programs and/or exchange programs. Campus agreements are co-signed by the Vice-President of Commonwealth Campuses and the Dean of University College.

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