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Aws Business Agreement

1.7. If your agreement does not contain a provision for AWS Confidential Information and you and AWS do not have an effective confidentiality agreement, you agree not to disclose any AWS Confidential Information (as defined in the AWS Customer Agreement), except as required by law. 66.1. You and your end users may only use the Amazon WorkLink client software on devices that are owned or controlled by you or your end users, and only to access your content for internal business purposes. Any end user may be allowed to use a limited number of devices or sessions during a calendar month. 16.3. You are responsible for your separate relationship with the data center operator or any other service provider, including compliance with your agreement with the data center operator or any other service provider, as well as payment of applicable fees to the data center operator or any other service provider. You are responsible for providing or purchasing equipment or cables (and AWS is not the owner or responsible for them) necessary to establish this dedicated connection. (c) cooperate with other AWS customers.

Business Associates Agreement BAA) defines the HIPAA security measures managed by AWS and breaks down the distribution of compliance responsibilities between the cloud platform and customers. It is the responsibility of the client organization to ensure that it properly complies with the agreement and manages its security responsibility for HIPC compliance. 1.4. In connection with your use of the Services, you are responsible for maintaining the licenses and complying with the license terms of the software you are running. If, reasonably believed, your content is contrary to law, violates or abuses the rights of third parties, or violates any essential provision of the agreement (including documentation, terms of service, or acceptable use policy) (“Prohibited Content”), we will notify you of the prohibited content and require that such content be removed from the Services or that access to it be disabled.