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Service Level Agreement Local Authority

Hi Tony, I read your initiative with interest. Although I am Australian, most people in the industry would know my name as the author of a series of technical books on CCTV that are used all over the world. I am also a member of IEC TC-79 Working Group 12 (WG12), which worked on the development of modern IP VSS standards, known as 62676. I believe that Britain uses the same standards as are reflected in the documents of BS EN 62676. I am not a legal entity and I cannot comment on your local and state laws regarding cameras, but I am sure you will take care of the image quality of the cameras somewhere in such a document. That`s why I wanted to make a technical suggestion for you to reconsider the pixel density metrics mentioned in 62676-4 in this case. There is an error that was discovered by the Australian members of the committee (whom I listened to) and, as such, last year we tabled a corrective document to the IEC working group on the revision of 62676-4. With kind greetings from Australia Model Service Level Agreement between a local authority and a city council or neighbourhood forum for the purpose of developing a neighbourhood development plan include: purpose and legitimacy, legal considerations, governance, information exchange, communication, training, monitoring modes (open and hidden), finance, feedback, future technologies and evaluation/verification. The list is not exhaustive and some areas may not need to be used in an agreement. It`s about developing a better partnership that helps local authorities and police forces work more effectively in our roles. .