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Wedding Photography Agreement Contract Template

Smart photographers protect themselves from liability with a written agreement. If the expectations of you and your customers are not clearly defined, there are inevitably misconceptions about payments, schedules, etc. The short wedding photography contract contains all the main points related to the work of the wedding photographer, which are enough to avoid unpleasant moments and misunderstandings. As the name suggests, this contact is an abbreviated version of the general photo contract and is suitable for situations that do not require a large number of items. Download a free wedding photography contract in PDF or DOC quickly and without additional payment. Rescheduling Policy – I`ve seen contracts that include scenarios in which rebooking a wedding or event doesn`t lose the hold fee if the photographer is able to book another client on the original date. No matter what you`re photographing, set up this Request a Photographer form on your website to organize incoming requests quickly and easily. Customize this photo request form template for your studio and collect all the necessary session details such as location, start and end time, and special instructions. Although it is recommended to download the Word document, here are the most important provisions of the contract. We would love to hear from you. What changes would you make? Are we missing something? You can also read our other wedding photography guides: this photo contact form is used by professional photographers.

It collects customer information such as name, spouse, due date, address, phone number, number of siblings. It also contains the customers` signatures. RESERVATION: A signed contract and a hold fee are required to book the dates and times of the EVENT. If the EVENT(s) are postponed, postponed or cancelled; or in case of breach of contract by the CLIENT, the retention fees are non-refundable and will be refunded to the COMPANY. The CLIENT is also responsible for the payment of all material costs incurred by the COMPANY up to the time of cancellation. Wedding Photography Contract from Best Templates – Here is another low-cost contract template that you should consider. Click here to see it. The extended wedding photography contract includes even more different points that can be useful if you have to work with different clients and second shooters. There is everything from the date of marriage to copyright guidelines. This example wedding photography contract is perfect for weddings with a large number of photo services because it covers the maximum possible range. Simply download this wedding photography contract template and have confidence in your rights. Remember: it`s a good practice to review, revise, and refine all the specifications of a contract for each new customer you take on.

If something is not explicitly stated in your contract, then you are taking potential conflicts (or worse, lawsuits!) at all levels. It is therefore better to add more than less to cover yourself. This wedding photography contract serves as a model. This grants the photographer the right to use all images and shots without restriction for advertising, portfolio and other legal purposes. Customers waive the right to examine any image produced with the images or sequences of events in this Agreement and the right to restrict the photographer`s use of the images or sequences of the events listed. .