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What Is A Collaborative Agreement In Dentistry

A Collaborative Management Agreement (CMA) is required by law. The CMA protects and benefits the dentist and dental therapist. It can serve as an excellent communication tool for both parties to understand the terms of the agreement. If the practice includes multiple dentists, you should consider a discussion about the dental therapist with all dentists in the practice before hiring the dental therapist. It may be beneficial for all dentists to have a collaborative management agreement (i.e., flexibility in planning and billing). The educational programs at the University of Minnesota and Metropolitan State University/Normandale have taught their students how to create these documents. The agreement must be signed and accepted by both the dental therapist and the dentist, and each CMA is an agreement between a single dentist and a single dental therapist. However, a dentist may have agreements with up to four dental therapists. By law, all CMCs must be submitted to the Council of Dentistry before the dental therapist/advanced dental therapist takes care of patients and must be updated in case of changes or at least once a year. Contact an educational program for help.

For more information, see these guidelines and templates for designing a CMA. .